Audio Visual Support
  • Multiscreen Displays
  • Multiroom Displays
  • Wireless video
  • Overhead audio systems


Audiovisual or AV has become a large industry for a reason. The difference between getting new clients or having them go elsewhere is all based off first impressions. With a stellar Audiovisual setup, not only will it set a great atmosphere but also give the image of a more modernized businesses. Listed below is what we support in terms of AV.

Training Room Equipment

First impressions matter a lot. Whether it’s new hires going through orientation, or a training being given out to new or existing employees, your AV setup can be the difference in retaining your audience’s attention. Here at ReppertFactor, we can assist with your training room AV needs. Setting up microphones, TVs, projectors, HDMI cabling and wireless video, we do it all.

Conference Rooms

Conferences are pretty much a part of any day to day operations. Let us assist with making your conference rooms and presentations much more streamlined. Using us, you have access to technologies such as synchronized multiple TV displays for stunning presentations and overhead multiroom audio for clear and concise sound also enabling a better atmosphere. Continued AV SupportAnother benefit worth mentioning is that we provide remote and onsite support for your Audio visual needs. Our remote technicians are trained with being able to identify the root cause of an issue, and how to resolve it. If it’s something that cannot be solved remotely, we also have an onsite department that can visit your location and get you back on track.

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