Disaster Planning
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Extreme weather happens and is the most likely cause of a disaster, and if not prepared, there can be some crippling downtime. With proper disaster planning however, the downtime can be severely limited. With Modern disaster planning used at ReppertFactor, we help you plan and execute proper disaster planning and recovery solutions, so you, your employees and your business are protected, regardless of what happens.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Be able to counter whatever Mother Nature throws at you. Hurricanes, flooding, fire, earthquakes or any sort of disaster that might happen, you can bet we will plan for it and set up your network for it, so no matter what occurs, you’re protected.

Disaster Recovery Testing

Once our disaster recover solutions are in place, we will test it to ensure that everything is working as intended. Through simulation of different types of disasters, we can make sure every step is covered and your business is protected.

Co-Location Support

Through remote servers and VM’s, we can ensure that your business is safe. With Co-Location support, we can make sure there are multiple failsafe’s in place to prevent any sort of downtime.

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