Network Infrastructure
  • Cable running
    • Including installation of Fiber Optics, Cat3, Cat5 and Cat6
  • CCTV and DVR Installations
  • Office Telephone Configuration 
  • Power Racks and Cable Racks


As your business grows, so will the demand for more network bandwidth. Reppertfactor has become a specialist in identifying your business needs and pairing it with the best cabling solution. For most businesses , Fiber Optic cables are probably the best.

Fiber Optic cables have become very popular and is almost the market standard now due to the potential bandwidth you can get, which means you can do more on your network, at a much faster rate, for your always growing business needs.

Fiber Optic cabling has several benefits, such as:

  • Handling and Transmission of large amounts of data/traffic
  • Severely reduced possibility of interference
  • Stronger than copper cabling
  • Future Proof

The only downside is that Fiber Optic Cabling is difficult to install… but that’s why we are here! We have plenty of Fiber Optic Cabling installations under our belt. We have the experience, and tools necessary to effectively complete the job, causing the least amount of downtime, compared to our competitors.

Office Telephony

We offer a more cost-effective way to setup and manage the phones for your office. Our personalized service and support makes the setup and any support after, very easy to deal with, so there is less you have to worry about.


Security is a must need for any business. And because of that need, Reppertfactor deals with closed circuit television and DVR, this way you can monitor everything that happens in and around your office, thus achieving maximum security coverage.


Have your cable and power equipment look organized and clean with cable and power racks. Another additional benefit is the lack of radio frequency and coverage from surges or power failures.

If you already have technology implemented, or are building from the ground up, do not worry as we at Reppertfactor are here to make building your business as easy as possible. So please contact us today at 215-945-8869.

Stop stressing out over your office’s system. Find out how ReppertFactor can help you.