• Custom Applications (VB/SAP, C#, .Net, C++)
  • Application Development
  • MySQL / Microsoft SQL Server
    • Including SQL Databases
    • Database Management


With the future being on the internet, having some sort of presence in the online word is a must. Gone are the ways of the papershop, and in are the ways of web pages. Listed below are just the few ways we can assist with getting your name out there on the Web.

Custom Applications (VB/SAP, C#, .Net, C++)

Sometimes, having your own application tailored specifically to your business is very appealing, and if you need assistance with it, or an application developed from the ground up. We can help.

MySQL and Microsoft SQL server

Databases are fantastic for creating an organized representation of visual data. And within the Database market, Microsoft’s SQL Server, and mySQL are great for relating, storing and managing data. Our programmers and Technicians are very familiar with SQL and are able to assist, and even help create those databases for you, along with helping you manage and maintain them.

Database Setup and Maintenance

In the world of eCommerce, online presence is everything. On top of presence, you want your information to be stored accurately. Having us to update that presence and provide that database management will make eCommerce significantly less stressful for you.

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